Book Review - Ego Is the Enemy

Within each of us is a small saboteur, working tirelessly to prevent us from succeeding. What's worse, this saboteur exists to protect us. It protects us from having to reconcile expectation from reality, because if you never try, you can never fail.

Book Review - The Goal

The Goal is "lean manufacturing" told through the fictional account of Alex Rogo, a plant manager tasked with turning around his operation or risk having the plant closed. To aid in his journey Alex reaches out to an old acquaintance named Jonah, a university physicist with an uncanny insight into the troubles Alex's plant is facing.

Book Review - Pre-Suasion

Dr. Robert Cialdini is back with another persuasive psychology work cleverly titled Pre-Suasion. Pre-Suasion might be best thought of as a companion to Dr. Cialdini's 1984 work, Influence. Like Influence, Pre-Suasion explores human decision making psychology and through research and studies provides explanations for why certain techniques are prone to have more success in convincing others to make certain decisions.

Book Review - The Tale of the Unknown Island

This story is not long enough for deep character development or riveting plot twists, but instead explores the spirit of human endeavor through relatively one-dimensional characters. (No characters are given names.) Set somewhere around the time when kings still heard petitions from their subjects and ships were powered by the wind or steam, our hero (only referred to as "a man") wishes to discover an unknown island.

Not All CTRs Are Created Equal

This is a tale of two advertisements. These ads are Google AdWords ads, each targeting the same keywords, bidding the same amount, and leading to the same landing page. Each ad wants to do a good job of getting clicks, because these ads know that they are interviewing for the same job opening, and only one will make it.